Michael Ambjorn

I'm interested in tools, thoughts and talent that help advance undertakings for the public good.

My attention is spread across a number of initiatives:

  • @alignyourorg - changing how we work together - through strategy development, alignment and facilitation for organisations large and small.  

  • @NearDesk - changing where we work together - with the Oyster Card for flexible working and a mission to help a million people work near home one day per week.

A consummate connector, participant, presenter - and mentor - I am active in a number of networks:

  • @IABC - the International Association of Business Communicators

  • @IAFacilitators - the International Association of Facilitators

  • + #theRSA#responsiveorg#culturevist etc.

Across all of the above I write, speak, comment and capture - and on the latter front, especially photography, short videos and timelapses.

If you're interested in working together, reach out via LinkedIn or Twitter