A cri de coeur: get out of the office (and not just to drink more coffee; although that is an important part)

Years ago I somehow ended up being invited to be an Amazon Vine reviewer. Handy for the free books that arrive from time to time (in exchange for an honest opinion).

imageOut of Office - by Chris Ward

Clearly hammered out whilst in a highly caffeinated state (and perhaps also best consumed when in one): it is a call to arms for rethinking how you approach work by a man who walks the talk.

It is a quick read; combining quotes, brief interviews and storytelling to make the case for a more flexible approach to achieving your goals, whether commercial or social – or a combo of both. It is a little bit rough around the edges, but it is clear that this is a project in development, so I’m sure the next edition will be further refined.

Ah, and then there’s the cycling and coffee commentary – that’s always welcome, at least for this reader. Get it.

This and more of my reviews can be found on amazon.co.uk/ @michaelambjorn

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