Brief review: Jose

The view down Leathermarket St from Jose

Zagat has just released their 2013 list of top-rated London restaurants and I was particularly pleased to see the informal but superb Jose in Bermondsey Street right up there with The Fat Duck and old Soho favourite Gauthier.

So what better way to celebrate than to share my own views after a fair few visits, with more to come: 

// The unusual bit about this place

In addition to a superb selection of delectable tapas dishes of the more traditional variety, they sometimes serve acorn-fed pork that has only just been seared. And it is spectacular.

// The five reasons I’ll (keep) go(ing) back

The raucous atmosphere when it is busy; the speedy and efficient service; the wine selection which reminds you that it worth venturing beyond Rioja now and again; and most importantly – the food – which leads us to the fifth: you don’t mind having to sometimes stand up to fit in, when it is this good.

You can Jose on Foursquare – where it is, as you would expect, on my list of London’s Best Spanish.


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