Miami revisited: from Puerto Sagua to Eternity

A friend of mine is visiting Miami and that led me to revisit my notes from my most recent time there, in case I’d find a top tip to pass along.

The two place that stood out from a coffee & culinary point of view are:

Puerto Sagua Restaurant

// The unusual bit about this place

It is a bit of a dive, but pulls it off with panache.

// The five reasons I’ll go back

  1. Good value food – including some wholesome soup and cuban sandwiches
  2. The fact that you can sit and eat at the bar on your own – or bring a boisterous group – I tried both
  3. The mix of locals and out-of-towners – great for people watching
  4. Freshly squeezed orange
  5. Open till 2am

Find it on Foursquare | Google Places | traditional map: 
700 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 | +1 (305) 673-1115

Eternity Coffee Roasters –

// The unusual bit about this place

At the time of visiting there were not many places in Miami roasting coffee, so this one stood out.

// The five reasons I’ll go back

  1. Good XX extraction 
  2. Knowledgable and friendly staff
  3. Good selection of beans to choose from
  4. Tea for those thus inclined
  5. WiFi

Find it on Foursquare | Google Places | traditional map: 
117 Southeast 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33131 | +1 (305) 350-7761

There are lots of other things to see – here are some visual ideas for you.

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