Five fab culinary spots in Florence


Signorvino – ravioli with a view… and try the Brunello flight
Via de Bardi, 46R
50125 Firenze

La Divina Enoteca – well assorted spot for the oenophile near the old market
Via Panicale, 19/R
50123 Firenze

Lo Sverso – local craft brews and biodynamic wine – near La Divina…
Via Panicale 7-9
50123 Firenze

Icche c’e c’e – a traditional back-street trattoria
Via dei Magalotti
50122 Firenze

Sandwichic – small local deli in an old tailor’s shop – have one of their charcuterie boards, a glass of house red for next to nothing – and grab a stool outside and take it all in
Via S. Gallo, 3
50129 Firenze

…and the ones that got away this time:

accà ristopizzaperitivo – closed for the holidays (alas)
Via Pisana, 120R
50124 Firenze

Le Volpi e l’Uva – for one more bicchiere…
Piazza dei Rossi
50125 Firenze

+ more of the many interesting places on Piazza Santo Spirito – a squareful of less touristy – and seemingly worthwhile establishments. Also, an Eataly, whichever city it is in, is generally worth a brief visit. The Firenze one is here.

…and last but not least, here’s a wortwhile culinary app for you:

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