Things to do in Dubai

// Get a view from the ground

You’ll be in a cultural desert – meaning, the culture is in the desert, so do get yourself out there… and if you can set aside the ecological paradox that this city is for a moment, get yourself to one of the water parks.

It is also worthwhile to make a quick stop at the Dubai City Museum (Google Maps) – it is only small – and it helps give a good overview of how much the city has changed in the last fifty-sixty years or so.

And try the metro to get a lengthwise view of this sprawling desert experiment…

// Culinary & Coffee

There’s plenty of local local food to be had in and around the Gold Souk (Google Maps). Also, have Qahva and dates.

And if you’re in one of the high-rise areas, far from the old town, a Cafe Bateel should have you covered for your Arabic Coffee needs. And if you want a high-end interpretation of local dishes, try Seven Sands (Google Maps).

// Get a view from above

Have a leisurely lounge beverage on the 122nd floor: At.mosphere @ Burj Khalifa (best to book). Look down and see how much things will have changed already…

View from the 122nd floor

And whilst you’re there, check out the times for the Dubai Fountain and take in the show.

And don’t forget to look up now and again too…

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